“Dream Big, Take On Challenges, And Never Give Up.”



Aiming to become one of the leading multi-industry private corporations in Vietnam, KD HOLDINGS Group specializes in 3 core business fields including:


KD HOLDINGS is one of the multi-industry private economic Groups, a joint venture between Vietnam and Korea. With the desire to contribute the best values to the community, KD HOLDINGS Group is always a pioneer in international integration, cooperating with worldwide reputable multinational Corporations to build a comprehensive and sustainable ecosystem of products and services, with a mission for a better quality of life, which contributes to the sustainable development of the country, as well as the prosperity of the world.


With desire, determination, and the spirit of continuous innovation of a strong team and the strategic vision of the leader, KD HOLDINGS will grow and develop into a prestigious multi-industry Corporation in Vietnam and in the region, featuring international class, and bringing Vietnam’s intellectual stature and pride to the world.


Enhance economic potential and quality of community life through the provision of products and services with outstanding quality. Constantly improve, be creative, accompany in development process, share benefits, attach corporate responsibility to the community and society, and always bring trust and peace of mind to customers, partners and employees.

Core Values

Focus on developing human resources. Employees are valuable assets, and also strategic weapons contributing to the success and development of businesses.
Accompanying in Development Process and Sharing
Accompanying customers, partners, and employees to develop KD HOLDINGS, to gain success and to share benefits.
Be responsible to the country, community, society and workers, contributing to a better life and society.
Innovation and Creativity
Constant innovation is regarded as the cornerstone of development.



On behalf of KD HOLDINGS Group, I would like to send my deepest and most sincere thanks and tribute to all customers, partners, organizations, and individuals who have been interested in KD HOLDINGS…!!! At KD HOLDINGS, we build our reputation with enthusiasm and integrity. This is also the only asset that each employee has strived to build over the past time, along with respect and appreciation of human values and social values, respect and compliance with international standards and norms, and standards at places where KD HOLDINGS is headquartered. I personally think success that comes from sincerity is the most sustainable success and no company asset has greater value than the KD HOLDINGS brand. Since KD HOLDINGS was officially established, all leaders, managers and employees have always committed to working according to the motto “Quality – Prestige – Professionalism – Creativity” and always make continuous efforts to create the best products, while aiming for sustainable development with the best quality, service, and cost for each customer. With pure Korean values and the motto of being continuously innovative and creative to make differences, I always appreciate and foster human resources in my own way. I have combined my management experience with the most cutting-edge technologies from Korea and the world to operate KD HOLDINGS and to build Your products. This is also the basis for KD HOLDINGS to better meet the strict requirements of customers. To achieve these good results, it is impossible not to mention the flexible and creative strategies of the Board of Directors and the tireless efforts and determination of all KD HOLDINGS sales staff. Besides, the support of Our Customers, Partners and International Organizations is the greatest source of motivation and encouragement to help KD HOLDINGS improve more and more. On behalf of KD HOLDINGS, I would like to send my deepest thanks to Our Customers and Partners, and, at the same time, sincerely thank all the leaders, managers and staff of KD HOLDINGS for accompanying us in lighting up KD HOLDINGS fire – the fire of belief, strength of solidarity and enthusiasm. With the changes in the global economy, the breakthrough of the digital economy and the 4.0 industrial revolution, KD HOLDINGS will face more challenges. I look forward to continuing to receive more support from all Customers and Partners of KD HOLDINGS. I commit to continuously make my best effort to enhance internal management capacity so that KD HOLDINGS can develop in the most sustainable way and successfully achieve the goals set out in its long-term development strategy. Please support and accompany KD HOLDINGS so that we can create different values for Our customers and for their own benefit.

Chairman of the Board & CEO
Dao Thanh Bien


    Address: Kd Holdings Building. 295/C1, Tan Ky Tan Quy Street, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam
    Phone: (+84) 28 2218 8989
    Email: contact@kd-holdings.com